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New Year, New Beginning. ( Every day is a NEW beginning actually :-) Start the new year with fresh energy, with the uplifting power of the colour GREEN. Enjoy this delicious, simple and visually 'flirty' recipe. Feel satisfied and refreshed, inspired and ready....HAPPY New Year!

Quinoa 200g

Green Cabbage

Black olives

Sweet potatoes


Red pepper for decorations

Watercress for decoration

Olve oil



Place the quinoa with cubes of sweet potatoes in a pan with 4 fingers of water and a pinch of salt. Let it cook until all the water is absorbed. When cooked, add black olives, olive oil, lemon juice. Shape the mix into rounded small balls, using a coffee cup or other small containers if you’d like. Separately, mash the avocado to make a soft cream and cut red pepper in nice shapes to decorate. Place a quinoa ball into a plate and cover it with a cabbage leaf (gently steamed before if desired more soft). Decorate the plate around with the avocado cream, raw red peppers in slices and watercress. Enjoy a splash of green new energy! Start something NEW.

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