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1/5 Kg apple

14 tbsp Polenta

200g raisin

5 dry figs

150g coconut milk or almond milk

4 tbsp olive oil

1tbsp yeast

1 tbsp cinnamon

2 lemons

Grated ginge

150g soy yogurt

Almonds for decorations

Mix polenta, cinnamon, oil, lemon skin until it becomes a dense mix, meanwhile warm the milk and add the yeast, let it rest until it grows. Cut the figs and add them with the raisins to the mix. Cut apples and add to the mix. Mix all together and put it in a oven container, shape it and add the almond to decorate. Cover with oven foil and cook for approximately 45 minutes. Let it rest before to serve.

This is a warming and easy to make pudding to share for the Holidays..... Share Love :-) x

Happy Christmas! ***

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