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Mindfulness is an essential practice to connect with ourself and the surroundings, to develop awareness of the Present Moment, the most precious gift we have.

Living with Mindfulness helps you to live a fuller and joyful life.
We can find Mindfulness in small everyday actions, with Meditation and other approaches, with conscious awareness and participation. Creativity and Visualization are also important customs to concentrate and focus the mind, become more present, finding clarity and inner connection.
Among many Mindful and  Divination techniques, the Journey of the Tarot is an ancient tool developed to help us to explore and understand our inner and outer world. The universal human Archetypes of the Soul represented in the Tarot are powerful images of self-discovery, consciousness and spiritual inquires.

Guided by the symbols of the Arcana cards, I use the Tarot to channel a conduit state to help you to connect with your inner Self, unlock hidden blockages, manifest your intentions and step into your power.

It's an inspiring spiritual method that helps to explore reality, and much like Yoga, takes you to a deep journey of Self-exploration and Mindfulness, ultimately embracing life.


I offer Mindful support, Intuitive Consultancy, the Journey of the Tarot and other creative practices for emotional healing, personal development and empowerment.

Private Spiritual Guidance Sessions, Readings and Tarot Workshops.

For a different soulful experience to share, I also bring the meditative magic of the Tarot to special occasions, venues and private events.

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