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Movement is the first way to channel Energy. YOGA powerfully unites Movement and Mindfulness, Body and Soul.

With the practice of Yoga we learn how to move the body and work on the mind.

Like the first Patanjali’s Sutra states: "Yoga is the stillness of the mind’s movements.'

Balance and Harmony naturally arise. In Body, Mind and in Spirit.

Through the physical practice of Yoga we begin a beautiful transformative path of discovering and learning, increasing mobility, flexibility, strength and clarity, improving our whole life.


YOGA THERAPY is an integrated practice that combines various Yoga styles and approaches:

Hatha, Yin, Flow and Restorative, using the Asanas poses, Pranayama (breathing techniques), alignment and stretching, along with the healing touches, essential oils and meditation to bring a new and comprehensive experience of Yoga, deeply healing and uplifting. Yoga Therapy can restore your body targeting specific issues, and calm the mind to reconnect. If you feel moved to try not only a physical exercise but a deeper experience of Yoga, not only a "work out" but a "work in", come to Yoga Therapy. Yoga is for EveryBody, it will meet you were you are.

I offer regular classes along with private sessions, in person and online in the comfort of your home.

Private sessions are designed on your specific needs, with instructions and adjustments.

In addition to popular Yin & Restorative Workshops.

Responding to the current world isolation, In February 2020 I started an online open Yoga Therapy class called "YOGA with THE WORLD". People participate from different countries, and together, sharing the practice and the virtual space, we create a safe, peaceful and uplifting vibration. Come join us every Wednesday or try a private session to begin your healing journey. I look forward to sharing the powerful transformative gifts of Yoga with you.

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