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A wonderful experience!  As a beginner to Yin Yoga, I found that Valentina Deva’s friendly, confident and reassuring style put me at ease from the start.  The atmosphere was calming, relaxed and very open.  She welcomed questions and interaction during the online (Zoom) session.  She is practising and doing the yoga with you during the session, which adds to the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

I especially like the way that Valentina explains not only origins of some poses, but also the benefits of all of them.  She also stresses the importance of not pushing yourself too far, and gives alternative poses for beginners.  I found that particularly helpful.  The breathing exercises at the end were a revelation to me.  I felt so great afterwards! 

I would highly recommend Valentina Deva’s Yin Yoga & Meditation sessions to anyone; beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Namaste!


Adam D.,

Teacher & Writer

What can I say about Valentina? 

She is absolutely an inspiring person. Patience, very beautiful person inside and outside,

calm, in balance, and she knows a lot about how food can help, because she experiments every single suggestion that she gives, on herself. I asked Valentina to help me, as I was passing through a very difficult moment and my I was facing constant stomach problems.  She helps me with a correct food suggestions, and exercises to practice everyday. After one week, I started to feel totally fine again. 

She really have a special gift to understand people.

Thank you Valentina. You are really the best!!

Viviana Scala,


Valentina has a warm and supportive  presence; she has always been open to working on what I felt was useful at a given time and she was flexible in her approach which to me felt very important. Her portfolio of approaches and knowledge is fascinating and can be applied to a range of different issues; as I tend to be a 'head' person, I found it very useful to focus on the body in our sessions, and I benefited most from her practical resources and exercises on chakras and bodily feelings which I could go away and use in my day to day life. What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Sulu Fontana,

Life Coach

Valentina has been amazing! She is a very emphatic person, able to listen and understand your needs. I started to feel better straight after her precious consultation.

Francesca Bongiovanni,

Marketing Expert

I met Valentina in a period of my life that was very stressful. The stress had caused me a inflammation on the skin, better known as Rosacea. No antibiotic nor cream did ever worked effectively and permanently. Then I thought I had to follow other paths, such as nutrition and meditation.Through friends I was lucky to meet Valentina with whom I felt immediately in tune.

We did several consultations where I have learned how to follow a bespoke diet to eliminate the annoying inflammation on my face.In addition, during his consultations, Valentina taught me several simple ways to meditate that have helped me a lot. After two months on the diet my skin problem has completely gone, without using medicines or antibiotics.
For all this I have to thank Valentina, who understood what was my problem, and was able to prescribe the right diet, which definitely did worked!

Kata Kozlovic,


I had my consultation with Valentina about 8 months ago and I have to say my lifestyle has improved considerably ever since. At first we went through my diet at the time to evaluate what to correct in order to reduce my high level of cholesterol, increase my energy and reduce the feeling of bloating. Valentina gave me some examples of daily meals and suggested different type of food to introduce in my diet along with other recommendations.  To combine my busy life with the new diet has been difficult at first but after a couple of weeks/ 1 month it became easier and I began to see the benefits. It was a different approach to food that, associated with some exercises, helped me reach my targets and gave me a much better perception of my body.
Valentina is very passionate and knowledgeable about macrobiotic nutrition and I will definitely carry on with my new diet and lifestyle.


Paola Giusti.


I arranged a Style Consultation with Valentina for my son, who was very shy and unsure of himself and dind’t feel confident with his look and his clothes at all. Talking with Valentina they explore different ideas, he felt really good and enjoyed receiving her professional bespoke advices with detailed pictures and shopping guide after. I am very happy to see how much he changed, he is now so much more confident and ethusiastic about creating is own style. I am happy to see all the positive changes that the consultation initiated in him. I am very thankful it is a real success in boosting his confidence and giving him the tools to find his own style.

Judit Kapuvari,


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