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Sweet November Dream

For the cold winter days warm your HEART and your body with this nourishing sweet cream......give yourself extra love with this sugar free, dairy free and gluten free HEALTY DESSERT TREAT! x


Vanilla soy milk 1/2 liter

Brown Syrup 1 spoon

Agar Agar 3 spoon

Toasted sesame seeds 100g

Tahini 1 spoon

Dry figs 6

Toasted almonds 4

Mint leaves

Place the soy milk in a pan and let it boil gently for 20 minutes, add agar agar and stir constantly. Meanwhile blend sesame seeds and dry figs in small pieces. When the liquid becomes of a creamy consistency, add brown syrup, tahini and sesame seeds with dry figs. Place in small bowls and decorate with roasted almonds and mint leaf for a fresh unexpected touch. :-)

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