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Macrobiotic Nutrition

Macrobiotics Principles are combined with Natural Nutrition to control your weight, overcome a particular health issue or simply to improve your energy and clarity. With a special personalised diet-plan you will learn how to chose your food to be in touch with your body, maximise your energy and improve your health.

More than a diet, Macrobiotic is a way of looking at life and food. It is a lifestyle. It's true that "We are what we eat", but we are also what we think; therefore, what we eat has to be enjoyable to be beneficial, and with particular attention paid, it can become not only a necessity, but a joy of life and a way to be happier and therefore healthier.


I use  my Italian heritage mixed with world influences and Macrobiotic principles to offer private cooking classes and workshops to learn how to easily incorporate new products in your diet and how to cook simple, healthy and deliciously satisfying meals.


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