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Welcome to The ART of HOLISTIC, a place where body, mind and spirit find balance and harmony, a space to reconnect and get inspired.


My name is Valentina Deva Ray, I'm a certified Macrobiotic and Somatic Coach (CPD - IPF) and Yoga teacher. (RYT200) I've studied and practiced yoga and many different healing techniques and Eastern philosophies for many years, with internationally known teachers and schools in Italy, California, England, New York and many other places I was fortunate to live in and learn from.


With a background in visual and performing Arts, I worked in many creative fields, and after a life journey of practice, self exploration and healing, learning mostly trough big challenges, I am a believer in the power of the heart and the mind to uplift, improve and overcome any obstacles physical and mental. I created The Art of Holistic in 2016 to bring together a new integrated creative approach to healing and wellbeing. Using a unique combination of Yoga balance, Macrobiotic life wisdom and ancient Mindfulness, I offer a new experience that is supporting, truly deepening, inspiring and ultimately, EMPOWERING.









​© The Art Of Holistic. Proudly created by GEM

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