Welcome to the ART of HOLISTIC, a creative practice integrating MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS, and WELLNESS for a deeply TRANSFORMATIVE experience. Let your Body, Mind and Spirit find true balance and harmony. Uplift, Heal and Thrive.




Thank you for arriving here, my name is Valentina Deva Ray, I am a Yoga Teacher {RYT), certified Yoga Therapy Instructor, and Macrobiotic and Somatic Coach (CPD - IPF). Yoga has been part of my life for many years, since I found it on a journey of healing from physical challenges and difficulties times. It brought me on an incredible path of transformations, self-discovering, health, joy and endless inspirations. It continues to teach me and guide me everyday.

My life and practice are inseparable, my practice always teaches and shapes my path, and my life's changes inform and grow my practice.

study several holistic healing modalities and Eastern philosophies from many years in many places around the world where I travel, explore and live. I had the privilege to study with internationally known teachers and schools, in California, England, Italy and in New York. Now I teach classes, private sessions and workshops in UK, Italy and in US.  

I am a believer in the power of the heart and the mind combined with practice, to uplift, improve and overcome any obstacles and I'm looking forward to share the beautiful transformative gifts of Yoga with you.