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Mindfulness is a state of mind. When you become more awaere of your own self and the world around you.  It helps to live a fuller life, enjoying every moment. Many practices can help to direct our focus and and calm the mind. Meditation, movement, creativity they can all direct the energy. Life’s circumstances guide me to walking on the spiritual path from an early age. I found myself growing trough the power oflive a fuller life Yoga, the p livevca fuller life and enjoyractice and the discovering of the parallel universe of infinite possibilities, connections and Alchemy. Trough years of traveling and studying in depth various Eastern and Western philosophies and healing modalities, sharing the energy to helping raising the consciousness became only natural. I regularly facilitate group meditations and women circles, magical space of bonding and growing, along with offering private support with transformational coaching and spiritual mentoring to awaken your own power and find your own true and alignment


Creativity and self expression are powerful tools to find our voice, focus and peace. I always include in the journey creative practices of self expression. 

The Tarot cards are an ancient tool to self introspection and visual mindfulness meditation. Often I enjoy to incorporate in my work the archetypes of the Tarot as powerful archetype of the human ‘s soul. If you are interested in learning the mystery behind the cards or if you have been always attracted to them but never tried, come to experience a different approach. Enjoy the power mindful visualisation trough the Tarot. 


Private spiritual mentor sessions, readings and Tarot workshop.

I also bring the meditative magic of the Tarot to venues and private events.

Share a different... For a different soulful experience to share. 



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